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We had a great group and a greater time with Master George Xu, July 15-17, Cortez, CO. Read Article

Durango Tai Chi Offers meditative movement that integrates mind, energy and body for health and well-being.

Gain Mastery over Mind and Body
Tai Chi and Qigong as taught at Durango Tai Chi are wellness practices. Their effectiveness accumulates over time with practice. Anyone can benefit greatly from integrating them into daily life. Practice includes:

  • Fundamental exercises.
  • Beginning and intermediate tai chi and qigong forms.
  • Martial arts applications using pure internal mind-body connection techniques.
  • Personalized program for individuals are available.

Learn tai chi and qigong. Start today.
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About Durango Tai Chi

Durango Tai Chi has been helping learners since 2004. Our goal is to provide both a superior learning experience and great value. With nearly 20 years of training, instructor Paul Tim Richard is passionate about teaching and about sharing how learners can build a practice of their own.

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