A School to Learn the What, How and Why of Tai Chi (Taijiquan)

Durango Tai Chi Instruction has been helping learners since 2004.

What You Can Learn in a Durango Tai Chi Class

Durango Tai Chi offers meditative movement that integrates mind, energy and body for health and well-being. Learn key principles and practices, including form, basic exercises, qigong, body mechanics, and internal energy awareness. Apply them in your own life. Increase your potential by integrating the internal awareness arts of taijiquan and qigong into daily life.

Learn the Basics at 5:15 pm on Tuesdays for beginners and on-going practitioners. Once-a-week, 60- or 90-minute indoor classes, plus weekly Tai Chi in the Park (weather permitting) and occasional lunchtime practices.

“I’m absolutely loving the sessions with you. I LOVE the outside park time.
Especially in the mornings. It helps me recharge so much.”

Integrate tai chi and qigong into daily life for many benefits. Practice includes:

  • Basic tai chi exercises.
  • Beginning and intermediate tai chi and qigong forms.
  • Martial arts applications.
  • Pure internal mind-body connection techniques.
  • Private personalized program for individuals.
  • Registered learners receive regular tips and lessons online by email and occasional videos on you tube.
  • Teacher Tim is a videographer and new students always get a free video made of beginners.

“I  have taken several tai chi classes and I enjoyed yours the most. I immediately felt included and working with people what have been doing tai chi made it even more powerful for me. I could also feel the energy and could see I have loads to learn. So, even though I’m a complete beginner, I got a lot out of class.”

Can’t attend a scheduled practice? Ask about private practice, work place practice, or build your own group to get started.

I think every time you start with new people you get better and better. I like the way you customize the class for who is participating. You use the knowledge you have and specialize it every time. Wow!

I like that you explained a little bit about Tai Chi and gave a bit of background.

You have a gift for teaching.