Increase your potential by integrating the internal awareness arts of taijiquan and qigong into daily life. Enjoy many benefits. Practice includes:

  • Basic tai chi exercises.
  • Beginning and intermediate tai chi and qigong forms.
  • Martial arts applications.
  • “Internal” mind-body connection techniques.
  • Private personalized program for individuals.
  • Registered learners receive regular tips and lessons online by email and occasional videos on you tube.

Tai chi breathing … Many people breathe only into the upper chest and not the lower. This not-so-good practice hinders oxygen intake, especially in the lower lungs. It doesn’t bring in as much oxygen as your body can take in and usually needs. Breathing abdominally expands the abdomen and ensures the lower lungs fill with oxygen. At the same time, you don’t have to hinder (upper) chest movement to breathe abdominally (don’t cramp your style, dude). If you do that, you’ll clamp down on the lungs when you want full, complete movement of the whole lung, ribs, back and sternum. Once the lower lung fills, let your upper lung open and take in as much as the lower.

Abdominal breathing helps to lower the center of gravity, which is a good thing in tai chi practice. Filling the whole lung, chest, and ribs improve posture, as well as allows more oxygen to enter. Read more about tai chi breathing.

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