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Increase your potential by integrating the internal awareness arts of taijiquan and qigong into daily life. Enjoy many benefits. Practice includes:

  • Basic tai chi exercises.
  • Beginning and intermediate tai chi and qigong forms.
  • Martial arts applications.
  • “Internal” mind-body connection techniques.
  • Private personalized program for individuals.
  • Registered learners receive regular tips and lessons online by email and occasional videos on you tube.

Your class definitely helps keep me motivated and gives me new things to work on. I am very thankful!

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Benefits of Tai Chi

Tai Chi and Back Pain

Tai Chi and Fall Prevention (PDF Download)

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Single Basics: The Essential Tai Chi Exercise

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What kind of person wants to learn tai chi? Someone who:

  • needs/wants more physical activity
  • needs/wants more mental focus
  • is healing from injury
  • wants to improve sports performance
  • wants to do more than an occasional fitness class
  • enjoys interacting with others in an educational setting
  • wants to delve deeper in the study of the subject
  • is looking for a practice that complements other activities
  • is having health issues, such as autoimmune disease
  • is having balance issues
  • is interested in martial arts
  • wants to delve deeper into self-awareness
  • wants a moving meditation, as opposed to sitting meditation
  • is feeling stressed and wanting a relaxation practice
  • likes making new friends