A simple trick for learning tai chi


As with many things in life there is a trick to doing tai chi. Knowing this makes learning easier, quicker, and more fulfilling. This trick, which really isn’t a trick as much as a rather useful technique, is to remember something. Something remembered is something learned.

You might feel overwhelmed by the amount of information we’re exposed to in class. That feeling may cause you to lose interest in learning. Which, of course, could harm why you chose to practice in the first place.

Here is a suggestion for solving the problem of remembering. Remember just one thing that you have learned in class and practice it until you have mastered it, or at least feel reasonably comfortable with it.

This trick is analogous to taking the first step in a journey. Each new move, or method of moving, is a single step in your learning journey.

What do you recall from class that you can practice right now?