Professional member and recipient of the title of Master Instructor of Tai Chi by the American Tai Chi and Qigong Association (ATCQA).

The course, The Fundamentals of Tai Chi, has been taught by Paul Tim Richard for more than 10 years. It is comprised of Tai Chi exercise and energy movement with some martial applications. The course is based on “single basics” training, qigong, standing (Zhan Zhuang), loosening and power stretching. Teaching emphasizes principles of internal movement.

For beginners, I currently teach Wu (Jian Quan) style slow form, but I also practice and teach Chen xin jia yi lu, Yang Pan Hou (1st section), and Lan Shou Quan (Cao Quan section) which I learned directly from Master Xu Guo Ming (George). I occasionally practice Cheng Manching’s 37 form and Yang 24. I can help many practitioners improve their form, utilizing expertise in internal awareness and biomechanics.




My practice evolved from seeking better health from a chronic illness, which I have overcome due to my study of taijiquan and qigong. After studying Iyengar Yoga in 1988 and Shotokan Karate in 1996, I began to practice Chinese internal martial arts in 1999. After my teacher moved away in 2004, I began leading classes to keep a tai chi community going. 

My teaching methods and protocols follow some of the same approaches of my teachers and their teachers. Additionally, I have developed my course to balance the abilities and needs of the learners who come to Durango Tai Chi with the age-old knowledge handed down to me. Cultivating internal awareness in physical activity is of great interest to me.

Beginners and Intermediates can learn Wu, Chen, Yang, and Lan Shou forms and martial qigong. Learn basics, loosening, power stretching, standing and two-person practice while cultivating internal energy awareness.

I hold several certificates of accomplishment from the World Association of Chinese Internal Martial Arts and Shanti School of Taijiquan. I am also a certified Community Wellness Coach, Level One (Institute of Wellness Education).

As co-founder of Masters From China Video Productions (mastersfromchina.com) with Sifu Dr. Susan A. Matthews, I have produced 50 workshop and indoor-studio studies of internal systems, including Chen, Wu, Yang, Liu He Ba Fa, Lan Shou, Qigongs, and Susan Matthews’ Brain Workshop®. Grandmasters and Masters George Xu, Wang Hao Da, Qian Zhao Hong, Yun Yen Sin, Wu Jie, Shou Guan Shun, Wu Mao Gui, Wang Ming Bo, and many others have graciously allowed me to share a small piece of their knowledge with the world.

Shifu Richard’s teachers

  • Susan A. Matthews: Wu, Chen, Lan Shou, Lan Shou Broadsword, Tibetan, Qigong, Push Hands
  • Xu Guo Ming (George Xu), Lan Shou Cao Quan Section, Lan Shou Broadsword, Chen Style Taijiquan, Predator Theory

From Shanghai China

  • Wang Hao Da, Wu Style Taijiquan (Wu Chien Chuan, disciple of Ma Yueh Liang))
  • Qian Zhao Hong “Chainsaw”, Xingyiquan, Hou Nan 10-Animal
  • Xu Guo Chang, Wu Yuxiang Style Taijiquan form
  • Wu Mao Gui, Tong Bei Quan
  • Wu Ji, Lan Shou Cao Quan Form, Muscle-Tendon Stretching
  • Yun Yen Sin, Liu He Ba Fa
  • Yu Xiao Lin, Yang Style Form (Banhou)
  • Shou Guan Shun, Shin Jin Ba Gu powerstretching (Lan Shou), Yang push hands basics, Ba Gua, Sun Lutang
  • Wang Ming Bo, Yang stylist (disciple of Dong Bin)
  • Rosalind Oliver in Shanghai with Double Dragon Alliance (disciple of Dong Bin and others)

Chen Style Lineage

Chen Fake
Chen Zhao Kuai
Shuang Guang Ren
Xu Guo Ming (& Susan A. Matthews)

Wu Style lineage

Wu Chien Chuan (Jian Quan)
Ma Yueh Liang
Wang Hao Da
Susan A. Matthews
Paul Tim Richard

Yang Banhou Style

Yu Xiao Lin

Lan Shou Quan

Qing Zhong Bao
George Xu and Wu Ji


Yang: Dr. Wang Zhi Xiang
Liu He Ba Fa primordial qi movement: Yun Yin Sen
Chen Hun Yuan: Master Xu
Eight Directions: Dr. Robin Murphy
Eight Pieces of Brocade: Susan Matthews
Six Directions: Master Xu from Wu Wen Wei

Power Stretching

Xu Guo Ming
Wu Ji
Shou Guan Shun