Tai Chi Class Description


Class Schedule

    1. 5:15 pm for beginners and for others to warmup and learn new things (60 minutes)
    2. 6:15 pm, Tuesdays for Wu Style Training Ongoing Practice (60 minutes)
    3. Tai Chi in the Park (weather permitting)—9 am Saturdays, Smiley Building Lawn.
    4. Occasional lunchtime practices (summer).
    5. Privates

 My objective is to provide the most rewarding experience for every single person in our tai chi practice.

Beginners learn Wu Style form. More intermediate learners can move to Chen style form, Xin Jia Yi Lu, or Lan Shou Cao Quan. I have taught the first part of Yang Banhou form, Cheng Man Ching 37,  and several qigong sets from martial systems, including Liu He Ba Fa, Yang, Hun Yuan.

The style of Wu that I can help you learn is the slow form descended from Wu Jian Quan, the father of Wu Ying Hua, whose husband Ma Yueh Liang was very well-known and admired for his knowledge and skill. I began learning the Wu from from his student, Wang Hao Da, and continued researching on my own after Master Wang passed away in 2002.

I like this form for beginners because it has a history of being practiced for health and longevity purposes, which is really important for western lifestyles. Master Ma was a hematologist who tested blood samples, so he was in the healthcare field for a very long time. Many high-level masters are also healthcare providers.

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