Accepting beginners now.

Sign up simply by contacting Teacher Tim (970-749-0891)

Learning Tai Chi includes:

  • Indoor Group Study
  • occasional 1/2 hour privates,
  • online video lessons,
  • informative and educational blog posts,
  • your questions answered,
  • free tai chi in the park during warm weather season, plus
  • occasional free lunchtime tai chi.

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Pay by cash or checks to “Paul Richard Tai Chi.”

Monthly, paid on the first, $60 (four or five classes per month), plus Saturday mornings when available and weather permitting. Drop-ins are allowed due to the erratic schedules. $15 per/practice paid when you enter class, which is good for two practices per week when available.

Contact Teacher Tim for private, personal coaching.

Not sure tai chi is for you? Ask me about a free 20-minute
“Get to Know Tai Chi and Me” session.