Article: Mayo Clinic Helps Pain Sufferers Kick Opioids

Oh, boy. Here is one program that looks effective and correlates with the taijiquan and qigong approach. What shocks my senses is it costs up to $40,000 for certain patients to go through the program.

But I do value this quote: “People need to accept that they have pain and focus on their quality of life.” That’s how I’ve been able to address and manage chronic low-back pain, joint pain, and neck pain.

It goes on to say that, “Many people aren’t demonstrating improved functioning when they take opioids; it’s calming their nerves. It’s chemical coping.” That’s true in my view. So what do you do?

“With meditation and relaxation exercises, we’re trying to teach people to learn to relax their bodies and hopefully kick in a relaxation response,” the article continues. This is exactly what taiji and qigong offer, so I’m in favor of that.

Here is the website for the Mayo’s program.