Recalling yourself with tai chi

Part of doing tai chi is to find a familiar part of yourself that you forgot about. You feel good when you find it, like when a long-lost and loved relative or friend appears out of thin air. It’s a satisfying feeling that says all is not lost and hope abounds. Tai chi is about […]

Another tai chi is…

The brain must change how it perceives movement in the the body and the body needs to move in more beneficial ways. You need to move differently or not move in ways that have caused pain, whether from injury or chronic misuse. Weakness and wearing down from lack of use also causes these conditions. The […]

Tai chi is . . . .

So many people don’t know what tai chi is and I’ve spent years seeking the words to describe it. Here is another attempt. “Learning tai chi is a process of continual growth in skill and knowledge. It is a matter of sharpening our powers of observation and cultivating greater awareness of the manner in which […]

You’re not just moving the body

You’re not just moving the body, you’re breathing life into it. For example, by moving eyes you’re freeing them from stagnation and decay (atrophy) and allowing them to serve as gates (men) through which energy may enter the body.

Tai chi is about changing how we move

Tai chi is about changing the manner in which we move. It could be in how we walk, how we reach for things at the dinner table, open doors, or how we stand. If you learn a few basic skills from doing tai chi, you can alter movement on a grand scale. Athletes, office workers, […]