Becoming Aware of Tai Chi “Chi Go Through”

“Qi Go Through”

You can feel qi. At first, many beginners don’t know what qi is and they don’t know how to recognize it. They don’t feel it. Beginners should try to become aware of feeling qi.

You can direct and control qi in many ways. It can go slow and fast. It can be thin or thick, narrow or wide. It can do just about whatever you can visualize it doing. It’s not a great mystery how to do this. No more mysterious than we are ourselves.

First step to that is letting it move, which it does naturally without intervention (or invention). Simply recognize it moving. You may not know how to at first, so here are some analogies of qi moving in nature: wind through the trees; water flowing down a mountain side or a broad slow moving river; sunlight shining through a window. Our life force is like all of these things in all of their variety and can be recognized taking place in the human body.

Here is a practice to wake up your own energy and move it. Actually, what is awakening is your awareness of it already moving.

Start with the feet. Feel the soles of the feet upon the surface you’re standing on. Feel the pressure of the weight of your feet and how the rest of your body is weighted and balanced.

From the feet, let the qi rise up the legs, allowing it to animate the bones, joints, ligaments and tendons all the way through the body through the top of the head. From the head-top, feel it gently fall back to the ground as I watch it. Hold your attention on where the movement is occurring. For me it is like the crest of a wave, or the surface of a body of water receding calmly back to its source.

It you do this and feel something, then you are feeling your own life force. Cheers. See you in class.