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Drawn from nearly two decades of learning and teaching the richly rewarding, energetic dynamics of internal martial arts, Practicing Tai Chi offers the beginner and intermediate practitioner useful perspectives on what tai chi is, why do it, how to do it, and ways to integrate it into daily life. Learners who have already begun tai chi and have some knowledge of its basics will get the most out of this book, which is designed to be a companion to your practice.

Concepts and techniques for practicing touch on activities to focus your attention on specific kinds of moves commonly practiced in a well-rounded tai chi practice, such as loosening, stretching, energy cultivation, single basic moves, meditation, and form. Practicing Tai Chi is about how to think about your practice as much as learn a few techniques for doing movements associated with tai chi and qigong.

New practitioners will read insights into aspects of tai chi not usually known by the average tai chi practitioner, even many teachers. It’s available at Amazon as a paperback and a Kindle reader version. I hope it will inspire as well as instruct, and help readers to build greater skill and deeper knowledge of this richly rewarding practice for health and longevity.


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