Audio, The Goal of Tai Chi

Here is an audio clip of me describing the goal of tai chi from my perspective. Comments are welcome on the usefulness of audio clips on this blog. Thanks for listening.


Gentle movements produce more exercise than you might think Excerpts: “According to research, taking tai chi in small groups for a dozen weeks two to three times a week reduces falls up to 55 percent.” “Instructor Brenda Michaelis likes tai chi because it works your entire body. ‘You don’t realize you’re exercising, and it’s good for your spirit as well as your body,’ she said.” READ THE REST HERE:

Tai Chi can effectively alleviate persistent neck pain, study finds

Here is a link to a brief report on the findings of a study recently conducted on pain. This is the first known study done on tai chi and neck pain.

Tai Chi and Concentration

Every person comes to tai chi with conditions, circumstances, and issues unique to them; but most of us share one issue in common—the ability, or inability, to concentrate singlemindedly on a specific point, or task, in the body. Sustained attention is not easy, especially when dealing with unfamiliar information. This relates to the subject of mindfulness and being present-in-the-moment with what we are doing right now. For me, the value of tai Read More …

Revitalizing after work blahs with tai chi

Work and job activities may cause energy to stagnate and decay. This negative inertia seems difficult to overcome after sitting long periods at a computer or performing repetitive motions for hours. We’re worn out when we get to tai chi class. We don’t feel like doing what seems like even more of the same depleting work. From within a state of fatigue, we fight a hopeless battle that can’t be won. Or Read More …

Thoughts about when to practice tai chi

When you do tai chi and qigong (day of week, time of day) can affect the quality of your daily life schedule in positive ways that you might not be thinking about. We have been meeting Saturday mornings in the park to practice tai chi and qigong and I think others really enjoy these morning sessions. Summer mornings in SW Colorado are exceptionally peaceful, bright, and clear. Morning is perhaps the most Read More …

Looking for solutions rather than process?

One problem we run into—and often don’t realize—is that we’re looking for solutions, rather than engaging in the process of learning. We’re leaping ahead of ourselves. Tai chi and Qigong are processes that offer powerful opportunities to learn without worrying about whether we’re doing it correctly. Perfection comes with practice. It’s taken care of eventually as a result of paying attention to learning itself. As they say, “The journey is the destination.” Read More …