One-minute or less tai chi exercise tips

We think we have to separate tai chi practice from our jobs and other daily requirements. We see it as a time thing. We either have time for tai chi or we don’t. We have to work. No doubt about that. Tai chi is extracurricular, not necessary. This is difficult to accept as a teacher […]

Thoughts about when to practice tai chi

When you do tai chi and qigong (day of week, time of day) can affect the quality of your daily life schedule in positive ways that you might not be thinking about. We have been meeting Saturday mornings in the park to practice tai chi and qigong and I think others really enjoy these morning […]

Two strategies to help manage stress

I do tai chi and qigong as exercises to reduce stress. I find them effective because movement central to each can loosen up inertia and stagnation produced by various types of stress. Just sitting too long can produce physical stress, accompanied by poor lymph drainage and negative brain/hormone activity. Tai chi and qigong get you […]

Two taiji concepts for a lifetime of practice

Talk to any master practitioners of tai chi and they will tell you that zhong ding and dantian are the two most important concepts in tai chi and Chinese internal martial arts. They are also the most basic. They are the two things you will work on for as long as you do tai chi. […]

Five (maybe six) questions people (might) ask before deciding to learn tai chi

You have to learn tai chi to see its effects. It doesn’t seem easy to do, but it’s simpler than many people think. People make a choice to learn when they start tai chi. They understand it takes effort and commitment. They can see that much about it. I identified five (maybe six) basic questions […]