You’re not just moving the body

You’re not just moving the body, you’re breathing life into it. For example, by moving eyes you’re freeing them from stagnation and decay (atrophy) and allowing them to serve as gates (men) through which energy may enter the body.

Tai chi is about changing how we move

Tai chi is about changing the manner in which we move. It could be in how we walk, how we reach for things at the dinner table, open doors, or how we stand. If you learn a few basic skills from doing tai chi, you can alter movement on a grand scale. Athletes, office workers, […]

New George Xu video just out

George Xu Presents Elementary Exercises for Developing Internal Martial Skill: 14 Essential Everyday Moves (with English Subtitles) A film by Paul Tim Richard, 48 minutes I have been producing, or co-producing, taijiquan and internal martial arts videos since 2002; about 16 years. Master George Xu and Susan A. Matthews got me going and I’m still […]

Becoming Aware of Tai Chi “Chi Go Through”

“Qi Go Through” You can feel qi. At first, many beginners don’t know what qi is and they don’t know how to recognize it. They don’t feel it. Beginners should try to become aware of feeling qi. You can direct and control qi in many ways. It can go slow and fast. It can be […]

New book offers novices and beyond activities, concepts for developing a tai chi practice

“At its core tai chi is a practice, a routine activity that you engage in, in order to improve and maintain specific kinds of movement for a multitude of results, such as for overall health and longevity.” This statement in my new book, Practicing Tai Chi: Ways to enrich learning for beginning and intermediate practitioners, offers […]