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Wu form posture names

list excerpted from The 108 postures of the Wu family style of T'ai chi ch'uan are listed below. For each unique form name there is a literal translation, the Hong Kong school's translation and then the Shanghai school's translation in italics where they differ, followed by the original Chinese characters:   The 37 section… Continue reading Wu form posture names

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Adapt to change with tai chi

Tai chi is a tool for adapting to changing conditions. Change prevails wherever you look. The weather changes. The wind blows, doesn't blow, blows hard, then is a breeze. The temperature is hot, cool, cold. It's raining or it's dry. Grass is green and moist, or brown and maybe tinder dry. A tree never stops… Continue reading Adapt to change with tai chi

Tai Chi Classes

Mind-body health goes both ways

I tend not to feel good unless my body feels healthy and strong. My mental health is influenced by my physical health. It goes both ways, of course. People seek out feeling good through artificial means, such as drugs, pain killers, mind altering chemicals, and other forms of mediated reality. But they don't usually give… Continue reading Mind-body health goes both ways

Tai Chi Classes

A special key to internal movement

Do you know what is so special about internal movement arts? Control. Mind control specifically. That's where it begins. You focus your attention on a focal point in the body, initiate movement in certain directions and shapes, then sustain that focus. Control of the mind and the body follows. Control doesn't mean just to hold… Continue reading A special key to internal movement