Having a good place to do tai chi is important

In the article, “U.S. obesity rates climbed to a record high in 2015,” it’s reported that 28.0% of adults are obese (30+ pounds overweight) and the rate of diabetes was 11.4%, both all-time highs. The information comes from research from Gallup and posted in Healthways Well-Being Index online. It lists factors that contribute to the lack of well-being and wellness, such as exercise, diet, depression, smoking and so on. One factor caught my eye: having a safe place to exercise.

You wouldn’t think that would be an issue in Durango, but maybe it is. For me, having a better place to exercise than I do now is an issue; where a few of us can join together to learn tai chi. We can practice tai chi with abandon there; relaxed without being self-conscious about performance or what others think of us. That makes it a safe environment, a supportive one.

We have a safe, supportive environment in Studio 10 in the Smiley Building in Durango. Located on the first floor of the  renovated historic building, Studio 10 is actually the room where I began studying tai chi 17 years ago. This year is the first year I stepped back into it—this time to teach tai chi. The memories of learning seemed to have never left that space and welcomed me after all this time. I really hope others who come to learn and practice will feel a similar sense of safety and support there and that it helps them learn and progress.