Intro to Tai Chi

Durango Tai Chi Arts

Available this May

I encourage beginners to commit to a minimum of four
60-minute practices (one a week)

Instructor: Paul Tim Richard

“Get insights into what tai chi is and can be for you.”

Tai chi is increasingly acknowledged as a beneficial exercise for many reasons. If you’re interested and want to know more, try joining a special four-week introduction to some key tai chi principles and practices. These classes are part of the ongoing Fundamentals of Tai Chi course that I have been offering for several years. It’s the basics!

Intro to Tai Chi comes with a discounted tuition of $40 for four weeks (one one-hour practice per week). If after four practices, you decide to continue and make it a more regular practice, you can simply continue with our ongoing practice.

What is Tai Chi?

At its core tai chi is one thing for everyone.

Tai chi (taijiquan) is many things to many people, but at its core it is natural and efficient movement that produces beneficial physiological results … simply by adding moderate physical activity daily! Whatever your motivation may be to try it out, there is no doubt that tai chi can be useful in several ways once you learn a few basic things and practice them.

I have condensed key principles of tai chi into a brief introductory course.

A beginner can easily see what this increasingly popular exercise can be through Intro to Tai Chi at Durango Tai Chi Instruction. Whether or not you continue with the longer Fundamentals course, you can still begin to incorporate new understanding of your body and how you move after only a few sessions.

Thoughtful practice can help to improve concentration.

How it Works

Interested? Simple contact Teacher Tim and let him know. Then pay your $40 tuition and start attending.

What kind of person wants to learn tai chi?

A person who:

… wants and needs more physical activity.
… wants to improve mental concentration.
… wants to do more than an occasional class.
… enjoys interacting with others in an educational setting.
… wants to delve deeper in the study of the subject.
… is looking for a practice that complements other activities in life.
… What is your reason?

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