Master Xu Workshop

25th Annual SW Colorado
Chinese Internal Martial Arts Workshop with Master George Xu
July 20-22, 2018 (Friday evening-Sunday noon)
Durango, Colorado
Hosted and sponsored by
Durango Tai Chi Instruction (P. Tim Richard) and
Shanti School of Taijiquan (Susan A. Matthews)

We are accepting new registration requests. Contact Tim Richard to register. The workshop is designed for more-advanced practitioners. Intermediate practitioners may request to attend. Beginners are welcome to attend Friday evening for meet and greet. See more here. Don’t forget Master Xu’s five-day Sept. camp at Sonoma Mountain Zen Center, California. Still room in case you’re interested.

Master Xu explains

Master Xu has been visiting SW Colorado since the 1990s when we enjoy intimate exposure to his theory and system of internal martial arts. Master Xu emphasizes the martial aspects, but readily agrees that they absolutely can be applied in everyday activities; thus, very effectively supporting health and well-being.

We will keep that focus while we learn about Master Xu’s special perspective on basic principles of movement utilizing the ancient concepts of martial arts developed in China through the centuries. Among these concepts will be his predator theory of movement and his Xin Tian Ling Kong Shen Shi system for materializing his theory. This includes natural, pure, light in motion, and potential movement, yin-yang universal theory, moving the energy body to correspond with external world and more.

Friday evening, meet Master Xu and participants. Friday, we’ll review workshop goals, do warm up exercises. Saturday we’ll get into the thick of principles and practices, closing the evening with two-person interaction. Sunday, we’ll do qigong and single-basics. That’s the idea anyway. Master Xu ultimately will determine what he believes we need depending on who is participating. This way we will get some more-customized training.

George (Guo Ming) Xu

Chen Style · Lan Shou · 10 Animal Xing Yi

George Xu (Xu Guo Ming) started martial arts training in 1966 with Zhu Hong Bao, in the three Muslim styles in China: Xing Yi 6 Harmony, 10 Animal Cha Fist, and Chi Shu 7 Postures. Following that he studied with Zhang Qing Lin, a Snake Bagua Master, in this very unique system. He studied the Lan Shou System with Qing Zhong Bao; Cotton Fist with Yang Tian Gui; Chen Style Taiji with Shuong Guang Ren, a student of Chen Zhao Kui, Ma Hong, and others; Yang Style Taiji with Shi Wen Deu; and Xing Yi Master Yu Hua Long. His boxing teacher, Zhang Li De, was the undefeated Middleweight Boxing Champion from 1951-57. He graduated from Shanghai Normal University in Mathematics.

In 1981, he came to the United States and began a long career of teaching and bringing Chinese masters not only to the United States, but also exposing the art of high level practitioners to Kung Fu enthusiasts worldwide: Zhou Yuan Long, Chen Style; China Heavyweight Champion Liou Wan Fu (full contact); Ye Xiao Long, Lan Shou Master, Yang Style Taiji Master; Ma Hong, Chen; Wang Hao Da, Wu Style (student of Ma Yueh Liang); Lu Gui Rong, Wu Hao Style; Qian Zhao Hong, Xing Yi; Wang Zhi Qiang, Yang; Yun Yin Sen, Liu He Ba Fa; and Ji Ah Dong, Yang StyleTaiji.


Snakes Creeps Down

Hosts & Sponsors:
Susan A. Matthews, MS, ND

Susan Matthews is a neuroscientist who has designed Brain Workshop training based on her personal research in spinal-cord development, stroke, retina, neuroendocrinology (brain hormones), and dopamine neurophysiology (Parkinsons), as well as on current scientific evidence-based practices. Shifu Dr. Matthews is an anatomist, biomechanist, and a 30-year Chinese Internal Martial Arts (tai chi/qigong) practitioner and teacher. Brain Workshop™ Seminars are offered nationally.


P. Tim Richard and Master George Xu

Paul Tim Richard: Teaches tai chi (taijiquan), lan shou quan, and qigong with an emphasis on principles of internal movement as applied in single-basic exercises and forms. He produces the Masters From China Video Series …More about Tim