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Master Xu’s Annual Weekend Workshop

We are already reaching capacity.  Call Tim Richard to register (970-749-0891) or email. Limited enrollment (20 max), lots of personal attention. 

Tuition Info:
Before June 15: $250 Full workshop = Friday night, Saturday and Sunday, plus Saturday night practice;
Partial workshop: $120 one day, Saturday or Sunday.
After June 15: $135 per day, $275 full workshop.


Since so many of our awesome taiji friends have attended workshops focusing on many forms through the years, we will present principles in basics and review, rather than teach, the forms we have learned. 

Friday Evening- “Ling Kong Shen Shi Men in Chen Style Taijiquan” $30

5:30…Register, Meet and Greet 2018
6:00…Chen Warmup Exercises and Qigong
6:30…Lecture on new developments integrating “space power” (or whatever he is calling things after your recent visit)
7:00…Chen Xin Jia Form 1st Section Review & integrate Ling Kong Shen Shi Men
(Principles discussed will be applicable to all styles of taiji.)

Saturday Morning- “Self Defense Principles in Internal Martial Arts” $65

9:00…Silk Reeling Warmup and Single Basics Defense Applications
10:15…Lecture on power in defense: Spiraling: How to Connect the Body for One-Unit Power, How to Practice with Partners
11:30…Review Xingyi and Lan Shou Walking Drills

Saturday Afternoon “Spiraling, Mind Intention and Space Power in Internal Martial Arts” $65
2:00…Qigong and Lecture on How to Create Mind Intention in the Space
2:30…Practice Drills Spiraling in Taiji and Bagua
4:00… Review Bagua Dragon Palm

Saturday Evening “Partners are Golden” $30
7:00-9:00…Two-Person Practice, Push Hands, etc.

Sunday Morning “Applications from Internal Martial Art Forms” $65
8:30…Qigong, Single Basics, Lecture on Zhong Ding, One-Unit Power and Controlling the Space in Applications
9:30…Two-person Drills, Walking Drills
10:30… Review Lan Shou Cao Quan and Lan Shou Broadsword


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