New book offers novices and beyond activities, concepts for developing a tai chi practice

“At its core tai chi is a practice, a routine activity that you engage in, in order to improve and maintain specific kinds of movement for a multitude of results, such as for overall health and longevity.” This statement in my new book, Practicing Tai Chi: Ways to enrich learning for beginning and intermediate practitioners, offers ways to think about a tai chi practice and to learn a few techniques from tai chi movements. It’s a brief learning aid that I wrote to instruct and inspire, but also to have as a reference to keep handy for reviewing concepts related to an authentic tai chi practice. It’s really about the process of learning tai chi, or as I say: “learning how to learn” tai chi.

Drawn from nearly two decades of learning and teaching internal martial arts, I share perspectives on what tai chi is, why do it, how to do it, and ways to integrate it into daily life. Learners who have already begun tai chi and have some knowledge of its basics will get the most out of this book, which is designed to be a companion to practice.

Amazon has print copies in paperback right now and a Kindle version (lower price) will be available pretty soon. Contact me if you want to be updated when it’s ready for purchasing. Your comments would be welcome.