New George Xu video just out

George Xu Presents
Elementary Exercises for Developing Internal Martial Skill: 14 Essential Everyday Moves (with English Subtitles)

A film by Paul Tim Richard, 48 minutes

I have been producing, or co-producing, taijiquan and internal martial arts videos since 2002; about 16 years. Master George Xu and Susan A. Matthews got me going and I’m still working with them. I’m happy to film, edit and distribute Master Xu’s knowledge (with his expressed permission, of course) in order to disseminate this vital information that I have seen few, if any, other teachers demonstrate in practice.

In this video, Master Xu leads 14 basic moves and explains in detail how to do the moves in order to make the best of his predator theory and your practice. We’ve seen many of these single-basic movements before, but Master Xu’s explanation of how to do them is more exact than ever before. This new video really condenses the essential principles that Master Xu has been conveying to students around the world.

At the core of his system is the concept of Four Becomes One, using the “center,” or Zhong Ding, as the source of all movement. “Looks simple,” Master Xu says, but “not easy to do.” How do you move like a tiger by using specific muscles in specific ways to achieve clear outcomes? This is what he proposed in the workshop and what he proposes in this video.

The content was captured during our annual weekend workshop in Durango, Colorado, July 2018. It is “workshop” footage with good visuals and decent audio. Subtitles and Closed Captioning solves difficulty in understanding Master Xu’s accent.

Additional bonus
After purchase, I will also provide a download link to bonus clips that I think can further enhance your practice. These brief clips particularly highlight his stories and analogies, and broaden the applications of his principles. They are entertaining as much as they are educational. They will be available for a limited time only, however.

How to get Master Xu’s new video:

You can order it directly from me, available as a Google Drive download. Reply to this email to request a copy. I will email a payment link ( Afterwards, I will send you the link for downloading.

Useful Details
Available with English subtitles, as well as Closed Captioning, that you can turn off or on. Please specify your preference.

Prefer a DVD?

I highly recommend the download then transfer and burn to DVD media, but Contact me if you prefer to order a DVD. Shipping and processing charges apply. I can send only to US and Canada, however. Europe is too expensive. Ask me about placing the video on Amazon, as I am looking into it.