New research findings confirm importance of oxygen for fighting tumor growth

In practicing tai chi and qigong, we combine breathing techniques with mind intention practices that may very well affect oxygen levels in the body and successfully delivery of oxygen to cells. The more-immediate recognizable effects of tai chi and qigong fall in the category of whole-body sensations of relaxation, mind-body balance, and overall feeling of enhanced well being. WE may not feel it in the cells, or think we don’t, but I believe that the overall reaction we do feel is due, at least in part, and maybe a big part, of the reaction of getting more oxygen to our body’s cells. Certainly, we’re getting renewed flows to the brain, which is a big focus of the work of Dr. Susan Matthews’.

This article is just one in a growing list of confirmations about how tai chi and qigong can contribute to better health, that can treat and prevent illness.

Excerpt: “The lack of oxygen in tumor cells changes the cells’ gene expression, thereby contributing to the growth of cancer. This is the main conclusion of a research project led by professor Diether Lambrechts and Dr. Bernard Thienpont (VIB-KU Leuven), which was published in the scientific journal Nature. The findings are far-reaching, as the study also proved that maintaining a proper oxygen supply in tumors inhibits these so-called ‘epigenetic aberrations’. The paper’s insights could eventually lead to new anti-cancer drugs that target blood vessels or the epigenetic aberrations.”

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