Resume of Taijiquan Experience

Paul Tim Richard, MA
Certified Master Instructor of Tai Chi (American Tai Chi and Qigong Association)
Hesperus, CO (Durango)

I teach tai chi as meditation and/or as a martial art. I emphasize building awareness of, and movement of, internal energy, as well as some martial applications. I offer qigong separately, but also integrated with tai chi for a health and longevity focus. I also teach a form from the Lan Shou Quan system. I have led group practices since 2004 and have offered private and semi-private instruction for several years. My curriculum combines loosening, silk reeling, power stretching, standing, and single basic exercises, with form and meditative activities for a well-rounded practice that benefits both beginners and more-seasoned practitioners. Major focus of beginner teaching is internal movement for health, longevity, power and endurance through serenity training.

I have been a long-time student of Master Susan A. Matthews and Grandmaster Xu Guo Ming (George, San Francisco, CA & Shanghai, CN).


Summary of Study
Since 1999, regular study and travel in US, including:
• San Francisco, CA (18 annual seven-day seminars/camps = 1062 hours total);
• One-three annual weekend workshops, as many as six for a couple of years in: Telluride CO, Durango, CO, Santa Fe, NM, Albuquerque, NM, El Paso, TX, San Francisco, CA;
• Shanghai, China and elsewhere (3 trips, 9-21 full days training).
• Lan Shou Quan (Cao Quan) form and broadsword (direct transmission from Xu Guo Ming, Wu Jie).
• Studied Wu Jian Quan and Wu Yu-Xiang, Yang Pan-Hou (Yu Xiao-Lin), Chen Xin Jia Yi Lu Taijiquan (Xu),
He Tong Bei Quan (Wu Mao-Gui). Self-Study: Chen Lao Jia Yi Lu, Cheng Man Qing 37, Yang 24 and applications.
• 10 Animal Xing-Yi Quan (Xu and Qian Zhao-Hong). “Eagle and Bear Fight for Survival” training.
• Silk Reeling with Xu Guo Ming, Zhu Tian Cai.
• Sword forms: Lan Shou Broadsword (currently). Previously: Tong Bei Broadsword, Chen Style 8 Immortals Sword, He Tong Bei Quan Sword (Wu Mao-Gui).
• Several Qigong sets and methods, including: Six Harmony, Eight Method (LiuHeBaFa with Yun Yin Sen), Yang from GM Dong Bin (deceased)/Dr. Wang Zhi Xiang, Eight Pieces of Brocade (Ba Duan Jin), Zhan Zhuang (several teachers), Yi Quan (Henry Look), and Eight Directions and Sound Healing (Dr. Robin Murphy).

Since 2004 Founder and Instructor of Taijiquan. Durango Tai Chi Instruction. Durango, Colorado USA. Instructor of tai chi basic training, form, qigong.
Certificates awarded for achievement in Chinese internal martial arts, qualifying me as instructor: Qigong, Wu Style Taijiquan, Chen Style Taijiquan. Ten years of regular practice has included several multi-day workshops/seminars in the U.S. and China. Also serve as co-coordinator for a seminar series hosting visiting internal martial arts masters and grand masters from China.

12/01/09 Training Program Completion & Honorary Membership—Double Dragon Alliance Cultural Centre, Shanghai, China. Yang Style Tui Shou, Jin Shin Ba Gu Tendon-Muscle Stretching, Wu, Chen style techniques.

12/01/07 Special Certificates. WACIMA, World Association of Chinese Internal Martial Arts, Grandmaster Xu Guo Ming,
President. Program of Study Completion—2007 China International Martial Arts Camp. Wu Taiji, 10 Animal
Xingyi, Chen Taiji.

Awarded San Dan, 3rd Degree Black Belt—TAJ Martial Arts Association, The White Oak School, Ashville, NC
Awarded Title of Shifu—White Oak Institute, Ashville, NC.

12/01/2004 Instructor Accreditation—WACIMA, World Association of Chinese Internal Martial Arts, Grandmaster Xu Guo Ming, President. Program of Study Completion—2004 China International Martial Arts Camp.

1999-2004 Taijiquan and Qigong Instructor Certification, Levels I, II and Advanced—Shanti School of Taijiquan, Durango, Colorado (Cortez, CO).

Japan Karate Association of Durango Colorado—achieved Karate-do rank of 6B kyu.

Other Related Experience
I have studied a variety of subjects that expand my abilities and services, including Wellness Coaching, Contemplative Studies, and Nutrition in hopes of better-serving clients with a variety of needs. I have earned certificates in these fields from the U of San Francisco, U of Virginia, and the Institute of Wellness Education.