Article forward: Another report on research about tai chi research findings

Falling is the primary cause of traumatic death for older adults, and more than 17% of older adults report between one and five falls in the past three months. The problem seems to be getting worse. I’m getting jaded by all this research of research on tai chi. There seems to be a steady stream […]

Article Forward: Trying Tai Chi for the First Time

Another view from a young woman discovering tai chi Creep Low Like a Snake: Trying Tai Chi for the First Time

REPORT: For Tai Chi, the reduction in rate of falls in elderly is statistically significant

This is the text of a Cochrane report stating that statistically, tai chi reduces the rate of falls among elderly people. I always like to hear that. If you like scientifica findings and the language that describes them, then this one’s for you.

Tai Chi movement, qi and yin-yang equilibrium

The word Qi (pronounced “chee”) in Chinese refers to vital energy and is found everywhere in nature. The Chinese refer to Heaven Qi, Earth Qi, and Human Qi. In learning tai chi, when we talk about Qi, we often talk about Yin and Yang— two opposing, but complementary, forces that are seen in endless variations. […]

Standing in Wu Ji

Wu Ji is the first position in the form or before doing anything in Tai Chi or Qigong. The first thing to do is find your Zhong Ding, your central alignment. Your ears are over the shoulders, which are in line with the hips, which are in line with the knees and ankles and the […]