Thoughts on Developing Your Home Tai Chi Practice Routine

I was recently asked about developing a routine for home practice. Most of us are probably used to being given a set of movements to do—one set for everyone. I take a different approach, suggesting that you choose a few moves from among the many that we do in class that appeal to you and […]

What is “whole body moves as a single unit” and how to do it

“Whole body moves as  single unit” is one of the goals you want to achieve and refine in the practice of tai chi. One way to approach understanding what it is, is to become aware of parts that are not moving and more aware of parts that you are moving already. Usually, we rely on […]

Two taiji concepts for a lifetime of practice

Talk to any master practitioners of tai chi and they will tell you that zhong ding and dantian are the two most important concepts in tai chi and Chinese internal martial arts. They are also the most basic. They are the two things you will work on for as long as you do tai chi. […]