One-minute or less tai chi exercise tips

We think we have to separate tai chi practice from our jobs and other daily requirements. We see it as a time thing. We either have time for tai chi or we don’t. We have to work. No doubt about that. Tai chi is extracurricular, not necessary. This is difficult to accept as a teacher and a long-time practitioner. I prefer to see the issue as a “timing” thing and what kinds Read More …

Tai Chi Benefits Cystic Fibrosis Patients Study Shows

Here is an article with a link to the study presentation showing another way in which tai chi helps people, particularly with breathing. I enjoy sharing such good information about my favorite exercise. CF Patients Benefit from Home Tai Chi Training Using Video Calls, Face-to-Face Sessions   #NACFC2016 – CF Patients Benefit from Home Tai Chi Training Using Video Calls, Face-to-Face Sessions

Revitalizing after work blahs with tai chi

Work and job activities may cause energy to stagnate and decay. This negative inertia seems difficult to overcome after sitting long periods at a computer or performing repetitive motions for hours. We’re worn out when we get to tai chi class. We don’t feel like doing what seems like even more of the same depleting work. From within a state of fatigue, we fight a hopeless battle that can’t be won. Or Read More …

Use it or lose it: Stopping exercise decreases brain blood flow

According to a recent study “people who stopped exercising for only 10 days showed a decrease in brain blood flow in brain regions that are important for maintaining brain health.” This doesn’t suggest you will lose cognitive ability, the article‘s authors write; but “in older people, exercise can help protect the hippocampus from shrinking” which is symptom of Alzheimer’s Disease. Here is the full article with references.  

Tai Chi and Social Wellness

I find that wellness-coaching complements tai chi practice in several ways. One thing that merges with my long-held thoughts on tai chi is how social connections can help make you healthier. Group tai chi is a social interaction and it’s so powerful because people are getting together and sharing an experience of learning. Joining a tai chi group is a way to expand your social network, and help you find others to Read More …