ARTICLE: Tai Chi for Back Pain “…can help alleviate aches and lift spirits”

This article is written by by Teresa Carr at Consumer Reports, published March 12, 2017. New guidelines released by the American College of Physicians suggest that an ancient Chinese martial art can be an effective defense against back pain.

Recent Article: Tai Chi “may” relieve back pain

Title: “Forget the drugs, the answer to back pain may be Tai chi, massage” Hmmm. I was wondering… The answer to lower back pain may lie not in prescription drugs, but in Tai chi, heat therapy or massage, according to health guidelines released Tuesday. New guidelines from the American College of Physicians (ACP) detail which treatments may help with lower back pain, . . . . Read Full Article here.

REPORT: For Tai Chi, the reduction in rate of falls in elderly is statistically significant

This is the text of a Cochrane report stating that statistically, tai chi reduces the rate of falls among elderly people. I always like to hear that. If you like scientifica findings and the language that describes them, then this one’s for you.

Really Big News: Science Proves Meridians Exist

This text comes from By Azriel ReShel on Wednesday April 20th, 2016 at the website This is really big news, but I somehow don’t feel that it is so new. I’ve “believed” it true for years, never thought it could be any other way. I have also seen the real effects of practicing the principles of tai chi and qigong, both of which are mentioned in this article. Countless others have for millennia, as well. Either way, it’s good to have it confirmed by science, right?

Article: Another study about cognitive abilities in older people

Well, they don’t mention tai chi and qigong in this one, but I’ll just go ahead and say it; “Do tai chi and qigong to give that old polipoprotein E (APOE) gene the hard time it deserve.” “Mentally stimulating activities perhaps in combination with known healthy life styles such as exercise are simple and inexpensive activities that can potentially protect people against the development of mild cognitive impairment,” said senior study author Dr. Yonas E. Geda

Dementia instances reduced by education, study reveals

You might want to consider thinking of tai chi and qigong as part of your overall “education” as tools to ward off dementia and Alzheimer’s as you age. According to a report on NPR’s Health Shots this week, the degree of education one has has been shown to influence the chances you have of suffering from dementia and thus Alzheimer’s. Here’s a quote from the article, which can alos be heard as audio at “One is that education might actually change the brain itself,” Langa says. “We think that it actually creates more, and more complicated, connections between the nerve cells so that you’re able to keep thinking normally later into life.” Education can not Read More …

Tai Chi Benefits Cystic Fibrosis Patients Study Shows

Here is an article with a link to the study presentation showing another way in which tai chi helps people, particularly with breathing. I enjoy sharing such good information about my favorite exercise. CF Patients Benefit from Home Tai Chi Training Using Video Calls, Face-to-Face Sessions   #NACFC2016 – CF Patients Benefit from Home Tai Chi Training Using Video Calls, Face-to-Face Sessions


Gentle movements produce more exercise than you might think Excerpts: “According to research, taking tai chi in small groups for a dozen weeks two to three times a week reduces falls up to 55 percent.” “Instructor Brenda Michaelis likes tai chi because it works your entire body. ‘You don’t realize you’re exercising, and it’s good for your spirit as well as your body,’ she said.” READ THE REST HERE: