Tip on starting your tai chi practice

They say that practicing at “same time, same place” everyday is best, but I say anywhere, anytime is superior. This is because fluidity is a key strength of your practice. It is an achievement that you reach through practice. Might as well start with it as a goal rather that adhere to an imposed rule […]

The Spinning Top Approach

When it comes to how to move, starting off for a beginner can be compared to a spinning top. Many beginners start moving similarly to where a spinning top is slowing down and begins to wobble off its axis. Some masters refer to this as wai dan, or the external leading. Your task in practice […]


We live by the clock. You might say we’re slaves to it. A lot of our discordant feelings are due to our yearning to be free from the clock. That’s one reason why we do tai chi—to get away from THE CLOCK. I see people looking at the clock in tai chi class. That means […]

A simple trick for learning tai chi

As with many things in life there is a trick to doing tai chi. Knowing this makes learning easier, quicker, and more fulfilling. This trick, which really isn’t a trick as much as a rather useful technique, is to remember something. Something remembered is something learned. You might feel overwhelmed by the amount of information […]

Looking for solutions rather than process?

One problem we run into—and often don’t realize—is that we’re looking for solutions, rather than engaging in the process of learning. We’re leaping ahead of ourselves. Tai chi and Qigong are processes that offer powerful opportunities to learn without worrying about whether we’re doing it correctly. Perfection comes with practice. It’s taken care of eventually […]