Learning Beyond Wai Gong in Tai Chi Practice

I am amazed at how tai chi learning progresses. Once I had a time remembering basic moves and sequences. Now, even after not practicing for a while, I think I don’t remember the sequence correctly. Well, I actually do, and then I realize I’m at the cusp of being free to truly practice the internal components: precision, shape, force, control, eloquence. Something to look forward to if you practice long enough.

Tai Chi Rewards Effort

To tell the truth, it takes a long time to learn taijiquan. You must be dedicated to unraveling the mystery of internal awareness which is the trademark quest of tai chi. If you are one of those who pursues such knowledge, chances are you will be rewarded. Understanding is one of those returns for your effort. That which intrigues the imagination so much will be like the feeling of returning home after a long journey.

Tai chi is a practical activity

Tai chi is a practical activity. You pare it down to evermore simple moves. It’s like trying to find a path through a dense forest. You have to navigate the forest to find your way. The forest is your body, your whole being. In time you become familiar and finding your way is easier, more rewarding. Don’t be arrogant, be humble, accept what you discover, not as a blessing or curse. It could be that you are the one being discovered.

Easy things you can do to fit tai chi into a busy life

You’re so busy to take in the wonder, not even enough time to take a moment to mourn the loss of the precious time burning away. What do you do? Here are a few ideas. Tip #1—Where you do tai chi. Get away from where you do your business in order to do tai chi without interruptions. Tip #2—When to begin tai chi When you wake, even before you get out of bed, give a thought to tai chi. When you rise, at least, inhale three times deeply, fully and think about one thing, one move, from tai chi that you did the last time you practiced. Tip #3—Be kind to yourself Pay your respects to Read More …