Tai Chi and its Quality of Movement

There is a way of moving in tai chi that is difficult to teach or otherwise convey. It is difficult to learn, too. It’s a “quality of movement” in which you become, or have become, aware of its nature. It is a state of being that you carry out like you would a movement. It compels the body to change its shape smoothly and freely. Maybe you don’t learn it as much as discover it. As though you knew how to do it all along. It’s so easy, subtle, like doing almost nothing.

However difficult or easy this quality of movement is to discover, it will have one characteristic that I am aware of. In order to arrive in this state, you must let go of ideas about movement that you have carried through life. You must shift your mind from personal concerns and turn your attention, single-minded, to the learning and discovery that comes freely with the practice of tai chi.