Tai chi: Taking matters into your own hands

I enjoy seeing people doing tai chi, taking control of the one thing they know they can change—themselves. Their bodies, their minds and their vital energy. We’re brought up in a culture compelled to accept being told what is good for us. Increasingly, however, that’s leading to questions about just what is good for us. Answers given to us don’t work well anymore and the balance of power is shifting. We need to know more about how we can care for ourselves. Call it preventative care or self-treatment, we want to know what we can do as individuals to care for our health. Motivated, for example, by concern for the high (and getting higher) cost of healthcare, we turn to seeking alternatives. To evolve even to a point of realizing that alternatives exist is a great achievement. I think the growing interest in tai chi stems from this trend in society and I welcome it.