I’ve been studying both Tai Chi and Qigong with Paul Tim Richard since 2010. [He] has always been an excellent instructor with an emphasis on the internal; focusing one’s awareness into movement, breath into energy (qi) and a quiet-mind into intent (shen). He has introduced and taught me elements of many Tai Chi forms including Wu Jian Quan, Chen, Bagua, Xin Jia Yi Lu, Lan Shou Cao Quan, Lan Shou Broadsword, Yang Ban-Hou, Cheng Man Ching 37, and several martial qigong sets, including Liu He Ba Fa, Yang, Hun Yuan and Eight Pieces of Brocade. Rick S.

Tim has been an excellent instructor.  He is patient and is always encouraging.  I have never felt foolish or embarrassed practicing in his classes.  He encourages me to want to push myself harder to learn what there is to learn.

When I came to Tai Chi I was not in a very good mental space.  It was at the end of a winter in which I had drained my internal cup.  At the time I was trying all sorts of practices to help with my prolonged anxiety.  One night my husband came home after seeing one of Tim’s flyers and told me I was going to Tai Chi.  That was a life changing moment.

Tai Chi and Tim’s teaching style of working on the internal energies has given me the tools that allowed me to overcome my anxiety.  Through practicing Tai Chi and some Qigong with Tim over the past three years, I have learned how to manage my own energy in a world that seems to drain it more and more every day.  I don’t know anything about what other Tai Chi teachers do or do not teach.  I know that by practicing simple basics, Wu Jian Quan slow form, and other Qigong has been a life changing experience. Sara M.

I started Tai Chi only knowing how to spell it. I have learned so much from Tim in the short time I have been training with him. Tim is so well versed in Tai Chi he can answer any questions we throw at him. He also has the ability to teach each student at whatever learning level they are currently working at. His enthusiasm is contagious when it comes to learning Tai Chi. He is an encouraging teacher and makes corrections in a positive manner. He has taught us a variety of forms. He also teaches us about the internal energy and wellness. He has made me a true believer in Tai chi and Qigong. I am and will be a life learner of Tai chi
and Qigong because of Tim. Tim is a very talented and exceptional teacher. He is an ambassador for the practice of Tai chi
and qigong. Barb M.

…. I have to say I have experienced with Tim’s guidance more than I have ever had in my many years of practice. His patience and knowledge of this Art goes way beyond any instructors I have had in the past. He has opened up the living essence of this Art for me, through his dedication and passion for teaching and sharing.

“Your class definitely helps keep me motivated and gives me new things to work on. I am very thankful!”

“I’m absolutely loving the sessions with you. I LOVE the outside park time. Especially in the mornings. It helps me recharge so much.”

“I  have taken several tai chi classes and I enjoyed yours the most. I immediately felt included and working with people what have been doing tai chi made it even more powerful for me. I could also feel the energy and could see I have loads to learn. So, even though I’m a complete beginner, I got a lot out of class.”

“I think every time you start with new people you get better and better. I like the way you customize the class for who is participating. You use the knowledge you have and specialize it every time. Wow!”

“I like that you explained a little bit about Tai Chi and gave a bit of background.”

“You have a gift for teaching.”