Wu Taijiquan 32 Section Posture Names

  1. Begin T’ai Chi Form – The Beginning of T’ai Chi – The Preparation Form
  2. Raise Hands Above Posture – Raise Hands – Raise Hand and Step Up
  3. Hand Plays P’i P’a – Play Guitar – Hand Strums the Lute
  4. Grasp Bird’s Tail
  5. Single Whip
  6. Slant Flying Posture (also known as Slant Single Whip) – Flying Oblique 勢 (斜單鞭)
  7. Raise Hands Above Posture 提手上勢
  8. White Crane Spreads WingsWhite Stork Flaps its Wings
  9. Brush Knee Push Step Left and Right 4 Times – Brush Knee Twist Step
  10. Hand Plays P’i P’a 手揮琵琶
  11. Step Forward, Deflect, Parry, PunchStep Up Diverting and Blocking Fist
  12. As If Seemingly Sealed Shut (also known as Push Forward) – As if Closing Up (進)
  13. Carry Tiger to the MountainTiger and Leopard Spring to the Mountain
  14. Cross Hands
  15. Slant Brush Knee Push Step 斜摟膝拗步
  16. Turn Body Brush Knee Push Step 轉身摟膝拗步
  17. Grasp Bird’s Tail 攬雀尾
  18. Single Whip (also known as Slant Single Whip) 單鞭 (斜單鞭)
  19. Fist Under Elbow Punch 肘底看捶
  20. Fall to Repulse Monkey Left and Right 3 Times 倒攆猴左右三度
  21. Slant Flying Posture 斜飛勢
  22. Raise Hands Above Posture 提手上勢
  23. White Crane Spreads Wings 白鶴亮翅
  24. Brush Knee Push Step 摟膝拗步
  25. Sea Bottom Needle – Needle at Sea Bottom – Needle at the Bottom of the Sea 海底針
  26. Fan Through Back – Play Arms like a Fan 扇通背
  27. Rotate Body Away Body Punch – Strike Fist to Back – Parry and Punch 翻身撇身捶
  28. Step Back, Deflect, Parry, Punch – Move Step Diverting and Blocking Punch 退步搬攔捶
  29. Step Up Grasp Bird’s Tail 上步攬雀尾
  30. Single Whip 單鞭
  31. Cloud Hands (3 Times) 雲手 (三度)
  32. Single Whip 單鞭