Yep. Martial arts are (virtually) popular, but here’s the (real) thing

With the popularity of martial arts in the movies and in gaming, wouldn’t it be nice to know what the real thing is . . . . and actually do it . . . . with your body? And wouldn’t it be best to learn from the best? That’s what you get if you were introduced to Martial Arts masters like Xu Guo Ming.

A 40-year-plus practitioner and teacher of a number of styles of Chinese Internal Martial Arts, Master George, as we call him, is well known and loved for his style of teaching and his knowledge of Chinese Martial Arts.

I just finished producing an instructional video of Master Xu lecturing and demonstrating his special approach to the theory and application of chan shi jing, or silk reeling, which sets the practitioner onto the path towards more-complex “spiral training.”

Silk reeling moves are easy to do. They are a foundational practice of kung fu. What I like about them is they give you a start on the real basics of internal martial arts.

Master Xu gives more than 20 individual movements that can be practiced to begin learning his system. His system is based on his theory of martial arts, which he refers to as “predator theory.” Tai chi, at its core, is based on the movement of animals, and Master Xu refines the concepts underlying martial arts to a high degree.

Just about anyone can learn the movements.

Begin learning the basics of spiral training and you can be on your way to learning the real martial arts that are so popular these days.

Master Xu & weekend workshoppers, Cortez, Colorado. I’m to his right, Susan Matthews to his left.